"This gripping book is a must-read for anyone facing a challenge or those who may face one in the future … it’s for everybody. Whether you are challenged in your health, finances, marriage, workplace, or retirement, this book teaches faith building in the face of adversity. The faith-filled journey is not only told from the author’s eyes, but it chronicles witnesses’ firsthand accounts about her."

Catherine Eagan


"I just finished reading your book. It was the best I've read lately, wonderful, inspiring, encouraging, etc. Thank you for coming to the church to meet me; GOD is good, HE knew I needed to read your book."

Vanessa H.

The book was very easy to read...Some parts brought tears to my eyes, mostly because it's hard to accept how much you and those really close to you suffered through it all. At the same time, there were several parts that made me smile. You persevered through it all and I'm sure became stronger, more determined, and balanced as a result. I'm so proud of you!

Cynthia J.